Remove battery prior to screw installation. Use care and judgment to choose a screw length that will not interfere with the battery. Tighten screw periodically if it becomes loose from heavy use. (Loctite® blue (not red) is recommended.)

Clip Instalation

Mounting screws are provided. Refer to the screw chart to choose the right screw for your tool. We have added 1/16” (2mm) to make up for the added thickness of the NÖHLSTER clip.

Two adapter plates are included.

  1. The Universal Adapter will prevent clip rotation for brands that have a rubber overmold around the screw hole (DeWalt, Makita, Bosch). If the adapter doesn’t fit your tool’s anti-rotation slot(s) perfectly, the adapter can be trimmed by using nippers (or a similar cutting tool) to create a perfect fit for your application.
  2. The M12 Adapter works for some versions of the Milwaukee M12 (GEN1 M12s)

Refer to the chart below in matching the supplied screws/plates to your tool.

Mounting the clip to your tool

Ryobi®, Rigid®

Makita®, Bosch®, Kobalt®, Ridgid®,Skil® (later models)

Metabo®, Makita® (with adapter plate), Bosch® (with adapter plate)

DeWalt® (with adapter plate*),Porter Cable®

DeWalt®, Craftsman®, Worx®, Skil® (early models)

Milwaukee® M18

Milwaukee® GEN1 M12

Mounting The Grüvnub Bit Holder

Insert into clip until circular boss engageshole on clip 

Rotate into place 

Seat the shoulders of thebit holder to the spring clip

Follow the steps above in reverse order to remove bit holder