NÖHLSTER – The locking clip for all of your tools.

The Security of a Holster. The Simplicity of a Clip.
No other devices are needed.

  • Protect your tools
  • Protect your workplace
  • Propel productivity
The Nohlster clip

Designed by a contractor to provide the convenience and comfort of a clip combined with the security of a holster.

No more cheap clips. Some power tools come with unreliable clips; they may work when standing still but fail with any motion, bounce, or nudge. NÖHLSTER locks into place until you release it.

BONUS! Includes Patented 

No-slip bit holderoptimized with nubs to work with bits with a groove.


Never drop a tool again

NÖHLSTER locks to belts, pockets, tool belts, MOLLE vests and more. No more setting tools down on unstable surfaces or fumbling for your tool while up high. This clip ensures your expensive tools will not bounce away or accidentally unholster as you work. NÖHLSTER allows a safe and secure “quick draw” wherever you are!

Attatches to almost any cordless tool

Simply unclip

Keep bits close-at-hand too. GRÜVNUB bit holder engages bit grooves for a firm hold.


It stays in place until you press a spring-loaded clip to release it. Never drop a tool again!

Heavy–duty design

Constructed from durable, high tensile steel to withstand rough daily use.

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